A Girl and Her Horse, a Boy and His Truck

Way back in November, my husband’s sedan died while he was driving our 8 and 6 year old girls to school. The police came out, pushed the worn-out vehicle off the four-lane city street, and kindly offered to chauffer our girls to school. I really wish I had a picture of our girls in the backseat of the cop car,…

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Country living, Just for laughs

All in a Day’s Work

Okay, it’s been awhile. My short break from the blog turned into a lengthy hiatus. Let’s just pretend it hasn’t been so long. I’ve missed all of you, and if you have missed us, make sure to thank my husband for encouraging me to get back at it. This particular true story captures very well what my life is like…

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Needed: Girl Name, Suggestions Welcome

Our fourth precious girl arrived at 3:59 AM this Good Friday. 6 lbs, 9 oz, 19 1/2 inches long. Per our family’s tradition, our newest member of the family still does not have a name. We welcome suggestions for feminine-sounding girl names. Mom and baby are doing very well! I will post a birth story soon. Give thanks to the…

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Forty Weeks Pregnant and Getting Over Covid

The rumors are true. Yes, I came down with Covid 10 days before my due date with our fourth. Here I am fully suited up for fetal monitoring at my obstetrician’s office. I’ve had three appointments this way!   After feeling like I could go into labor since week 35 (lots of contractions, including “real” ones at regular intervals) the…

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Pregnancy, Starting kindergarten

Online Young Fives: Our Experience So Far

My sweet, unicorn-loving middle child turned five years old last month… and is now two and a half weeks into her young fives program! It is five days a week, 5+ hours a day of weather charts, letter recognition, fine motor journals, storytime, group share, music, art, phys ed and more–all taught through a school issued iPad. Wow. It’s a…

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