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Mom, Where’s Our Checklist??

My four year old is schooling me in the benefits of checklists. I’ve never been a list person. I kept to-do lists at my paying jobs prior to kids, but only because I felt I had to. At the very least, I didn’t want to be the only one in the department with nary a task in Outlook. Just in…

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Faithfulness in All Things

We are moms–we clean up the messes! Over and over again. Little ones = messes. Big ones = more messes (no personal experience with that yet, but I’ve been told/warned). I have to share the latest mess, which, ironically, was created in an attempt to do some deep cleaning. Because it was my two year old doing the cleaning. Yikes.…

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Our Grandma Lives Next Door

  Our Grandma lives next door to us, the perfect place to see our Grandma any time we want. It’s easy as can be.   No car seats and no buckles, we just walk across the drive and Grandma’s waiting at the door to let us all inside.     Her bed’s the best for jumping– it’s better than our…

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