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Chasing Away the February Blues

  My three year old looked up from her untouched dinner plate, her brown eyes hopeful. “Mommy! Tomorrow can we go to Christmas?” Her older sister set her straight in a withering tone. “Christmas is not a place. It’s a holiday.” My three year old pondered this information. Her face brightened again. “Mommy, tomorrow can we play in the sprinkler?” This…

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God’s Valentine

“Mom, I love you so much,” my five year old told me last night as we were finishing up her bedtime routine. “More than my Shopkins and my figurines!” “Well, I’m glad for that,” I said as we hugged. “I love you, too!” “Yeah…they just stand there. And some of them don’t even stand up. Like Pocahontas. She always falls…

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This One Is Actually Not About the Kids

I’m willing to bet that you have pictures like this one. Okay, so maybe you’re not wearing a football jersey, but you do have photos somewhere–online, on your desk, hanging on your wall–that remind you of who you were and what life was like B.C. Before children. As I look at this picture, I see fewer gray hairs and “fine…

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I know, it’s been awhile! Thanks so much for following this blog. I’m humbled that you make our lives a part of your life. My plan is to post every week from now on. Well, I had plenty of material to choose from in writing this first post of 2019. Among the top contenders were our Christmas family photo bloopers and…

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