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Potty Boot Camp: Week 1

I’ve suspected for awhile that major intervention would be required for my sweet, daydreaming 3 1/2 year old to kick the diaper habit. We had tried a couple times to get her out of diapers (and you can read about an earlier attempt here). But nothing stuck. So last Monday morning, Potty Boot Camp began. When she awoke, I changed…

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Sing and Make Music

Like most parents, we want our girls to be “musical.” I always assumed that meant having my husband sing to them (which he does every evening). After all, he’s the “musical” one, a longtime member of the church choir and an a cappella trio. I, on the other hand, was told by a grade school teacher to mouth the words…

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Kindergarten Ready

“Mom! Guess what!” My five year old ran up to me, elated. “I can zip up my coat!” She demonstrated with her aqua puffy jacket. “Wow, sweetheart! This is huge!” “Huge?” she repeated, eyes widening. “Super huge!” “The hugest ever??” I laughed. “Well, one thing is for sure–you are so ready for kindergarten!” The pride and anticipation on her little…

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Wee Play

Every other Tuesday morning the girls and I have the opportunity to play, dance and learn together at my church’s Wee Play program. Wee Play has been part of our lives for 3 1/2 years–since my oldest was only one and a half and my middle child was a newborn! They have grown up with Wee Play, and it has…

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