Appreciating our gifts, Pregnancy

A Good Gift Is Growing

This weekend, we herded our three girls onto the couch for a big announcement. “Girls, we have something to tell you,” said my husband. “You’re going to have a new baby sister or brother!” Immediately my five year old exclaimed, “Yayyy!” She laughed and squeezed her stuffed unicorn. “But…where do they come from?” “Mommy, you can field that one,” said…

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Appreciating our gifts, Life as a SAHM

A Big Thank You for Post 100

This is The Mommy Walk‘s 100th post! In thinking about this milestone, I realize I am very, very overdue on three counts. First of all, it’s taken me forever to share pics of my girls sporting these adorable T-shirts: “This is going on my Mom’s blog!” Thank you to the best sister-in-law for finding these T-shirts that really say it…

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Appreciating our gifts

School Transitions and a Focus on the Positives

My oldest has been back to school for a week, now, and the transition has gone more smoothly than I ever thought—for everyone in the family. The day before school started, my oldest tried to prepare her younger sisters.  “Can I tell you something?” she asked them as they all snacked on cherry tomatoes. “I’ll miss you when I’m at…

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