Surviving winter, Taking care of ourselves

Just Call Me Flo

“How’s it going, Flo?” my husband asked, glancing toward the couch where I sat perched before my feverish four year old with a little plastic cup of Ibuprofen. “She’s decided that this isn’t any better than the grape flavor,” I replied, sighing. Time to pull out the big guns. “How about some chocolate ice cream?” My daughter’s teary eyes brightened.…

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God's Protection

Nothing to Fear

Under his wings you will find refuge…You will not fear the terror of night –Psalm 91: 4-5 “Mom, mom!” my six year old stumbled into our room at 1 a.m. Thursday night, sobbing and shaking. “The lights keep flashing! The fire is burning up my hand! I’m so scared!” Disoriented, I mumbled something about a bad dream, and pulled her…

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