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I Do Feed My Children, Really, I Do

In one of those helpful guides to raising kids, I remember reading that parents should not underestimate all that we will have to teach our little ones.¬†How to drink from a cup. How to blow their noses. And, I now can add to the list, how to ask Mom and Dad for food instead of grabbing it off the counter…

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Will Hot Weather Ever Get Here?

This photo was taken at a park here in Michigan last April 23! Hard to believe. My four year old heaved a big sigh and said to me, “Mom, hot weather will never get here again!” It sure feels that way. A few days ago, we were all excited upon finding a glimmer of hope that spring was coming. It…

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Let Us Not Give Up Meeting Together

It was during Holy Week that I had a conversation with my four year old that I didn’t think I would need to have for a long time yet. As I was starting to brush her teeth for bedtime, she announced to me, “I already know about Jesus, so I don’t have to go to church.” I am not kidding…

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