Birthday Gifts for Jesus

“Does Jesus want dolls for his birthday?” asked my four year old, clutching her Frozen Elsa doll, which used to sing (loudly) several bars of “Let It Be,” until the batteries died. Ever since she finally grasped that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, she has been working hard to settle the most important birthday matter: What gifts does he want? “No,…

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Christmas, Raising kids of faith

Repeat these Words to Your Children…and Repeat, and Repeat

(Photo credit: My 5 year old) Shortly before I came down with the Thanksgiving bug (I’m much better now, whew!) I brought up all the holiday books from our lower level. That sounds like a straightforward, ten-minute task, doesn’t it? Naturally, it snowballed into a week-long, FEMA-level cleanup effort. Okay, sure, I never should have let our family room devolve…

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