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Aging with GRACE

Earlier this month, I was inducted into the club…the Mammogram Club. That’s right, I had my first mammogram. (Everything was completely normal!) Two impressions of the experience stand out. First, all the nurses and techs were particularly kind and helpful. They actually seemed¬†excited to see me there. When I checked in, the woman at the desk looked up, made eye…

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Traveling Light

Traveling with kids means traveling heavy. You know how it is–even one overnight stay means more baggage than TSA runs through security for an overbooked flight. For the first of our three (yes, three!!!) overnight trips this summer, the girls and I visited my parents while my husband attended an out-of-town graduation on his side of the family. The gear…

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The Work of Momhood

While making room in our bedroom closet for summer clothes (warmer weather must be coming eventually!), I came across a suit I used to wear frequently when my job involved meetings, deadlines, task forces, and supervision of an employee who actually did what I asked. Charcoal gray. Pencil skirt. A classic look that doesn’t go out of style, right? Deciding…

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Learning to Leave It

This is sanity time. I have a new evening routine. My old routine consisted of rushing frantically from suppertime till bedtime to finish all the nightly chores (and daytime chores that never got done). Dish clearing. Bib washing. Dishwasher loading. Lunch making. Laundry transferring. Stain treating. And trying to identify that bad smell in the hall…¬†Then about an hour after…

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