No Small Victories

It’s time to celebrate our victories this past week, big and small. Better yet, they are all big. For kids, there are no small victories. And shouldn’t it be the same for moms? I know I can be hard on myself as a mom. I tend to dwell on the moments and the mayhem that make me feel, well, less…

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Appreciating our gifts, Uncategorized

This Is the Day the Lord Has Made

“Mo-om!” my four year old wailed as I came upstairs from throwing in a load of laundry. “Anneliese sixpadeed my puzzle!!” Sure enough, her Pocahontas puzzle, which she had nearly completed, lay in pieces once again, scattered on the kitchen floor. Her two year old sister just can’t resist the urge to sixpadee. She will yell the made-up word as…

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Eye toward Heaven, Uncategorized

All Things Must Come to a Good End

My husband keeps an impressive garden. For me, the city girl, “garden” always meant a tomato plant or two, a couple pepper plants, and a few snow peas tucked up against the backyard fence. For my husband, it means mini farm. Just battling the weeds is a full time job. My husband does 95% of the work. But I like…

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Baby Steps Toward Diaper Freedom

It’s becoming a tradition that our household gets serious about potty training on Independence Day. Let freedom ring! Well…to be honest it will be awhile before we are free of having to change diapers for two. But modest progress was made with my almost-three year old. Last Fourth of July, my sister-in-law trained my oldest, then three, with the “bare…

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