Starting kindergarten

Kindergarten Transitions

We knew there would be some bumps along the road to starting kindergarten…for all of us! It’s now been a week and a half since my oldest’s inaugural day of school. The house is quieter without her, but I’ve realized how much I lean on her. Here’s a replay of a conversation we had last week. “Sweetheart, where are those pieces…

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Facing our First Day of Kindergarten

“I know, Bun-Bun, I’ll miss you, too.” We were driving back from Kindergarten Roundup last spring, and my five year old was engaged in serious conversation with her favorite stuffy, a well-loved bunny. “I’ll be at Kindergarten,” she explained to Bun-Bun as we sped down the expressway. “So I won’t be there for lunch, but I’ll be home for dinner.…

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They’re Growing Up

Mid August is about the time we start facing the reality that summer is not going to last forever. At our house, the big people are also coming to grips with the fact that our three little ones are growing up. Not long ago, I took my middle daughter to her first dental appointment. My five year old offered to…

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Daddy Time Is Special Time

A couple weeks ago I was able to get away for a refreshing weekend in God’s Word at a women’s conference with the theme “Living Stones.” Spending a little time away from my beautiful girls was a great idea, and thanks to my very capable husband, I had nothing to worry about. ”Daddy’s Rules” for smooth household operation while Mom…

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