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The Real Story of Easter 2019

Early Easter morning, I almost texted my husband (already at church to sing with the choir for sunrise service) that never again, under any circumstances, were we going to give the girls Easter baskets. On Easter evening, I shared a photo of my three little ones in their Easter dresses. Yes, happy, angelic-looking girls in beautiful dresses certainly was part…

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By His Wounds We Were Healed

It is Holy Week, and none are too little for a moment of reflection during this time, so I learned from my three year old. This Sunday, we had a good conversation in the bathroom after Sunday School. I knew she needed to go. Getting her to take care of business can be a challenge, though. As an encouragement to…

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God’s Helper

“Mom, picking up is not my style,” my five year old explained, when I asked her why the puzzle pieces were still scattered all over the kitchen floor. This little girl has pulled out some very creative excuses to avoid work she doesn’t want to do. Not long ago, when I pointed out that we were tripping over the huge…

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