Appreciating our gifts, Life as a SAHM

A Big Thank You for Post 100

This is The Mommy Walk‘s 100th post! In thinking about this milestone, I realize I am very, very overdue on three counts. First of all, it’s taken me forever to share pics of my girls sporting these adorable T-shirts: “This is going on my Mom’s blog!” Thank you to the best sister-in-law for finding these T-shirts that really say it…

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Appreciating our gifts

School Transitions and a Focus on the Positives

My oldest has been back to school for a week, now, and the transition has gone more smoothly than I ever thought—for everyone in the family. The day before school started, my oldest tried to prepare her younger sisters.  “Can I tell you something?” she asked them as they all snacked on cherry tomatoes. “I’ll miss you when I’m at…

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God's Protection

I Am with You Wherever You Go

I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go (Genesis 28:15) My oldest started first grade today. Yes, her school is holding in-person instruction five days a week. Though my husband and I are so glad she’s able to attend in person, I think we’re both feeling emotions that we haven’t wanted to feel. Preparation for this…

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