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Five Weeks In, and Five Helpful Habits

It has been five weeks since our lives were turned upside down. I’m sharing the five habits that are keeping me sane right now. Yes, it is five weeks to the day that my daughter’s school closed on that fateful Friday, March 13. I mark it as the start of many changes and challenges for our family. This is no…

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Just Call Me Flo

“How’s it going, Flo?” my husband asked, glancing toward the couch where I sat perched before my feverish four year old with a little plastic cup of Ibuprofen. “She’s decided that this isn’t any better than the grape flavor,” I replied, sighing. Time to pull out the big guns. “How about some chocolate ice cream?” My daughter’s teary eyes brightened.…

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Aging with GRACE

Earlier this month, I was inducted into the club…the Mammogram Club. That’s right, I had my first mammogram. (Everything was completely normal!) Two impressions of the experience stand out. First, all the nurses and techs were particularly kind and helpful. They actually seemed excited to see me there. When I checked in, the woman at the desk looked up, made eye…

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Learning to Leave It

This is sanity time. I have a new evening routine. My old routine consisted of rushing frantically from suppertime till bedtime to finish all the nightly chores (and daytime chores that never got done). Dish clearing. Bib washing. Dishwasher loading. Lunch making. Laundry transferring. Stain treating. And trying to identify that bad smell in the hall… Then about an hour after…

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